Urban Legend – The Shadow People

Shadow people is believe to be a supernatural being that are humanoid in figure and usually associate to cause a sleep paralysis. for some believer, they believe that shadow people maybe link to jinn or Satan (inter dimension being?). but in psychological perspective people with problem seeing this shadow figure maybe hallucination because of drug or sleep deprivation.

shadow people?
shadow people?

But some people still believe that the shadow people really exist, because of they personal experience and believes also there is a lot of photo and videos in exist that “proof” that this “shadow figure” is “real”, i will shared it here, you will be the judge.

Shadow People 4 images fa4f163cab

Look really creepy but if you ask me, all this photo can be manipulated, obviously Photoshop, but take a look some videos of so call “shadow people”.

Some of clip in the video really look authentic maybe they real maybe not, i personally never experience meeting this shadow figure, but if they really exist, i believe they should be jinn and satan, but i do experience sleep paralysis but no shadow figure on top of me.

believe what you want to believe..


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