Strange Weird Unknown Creature Around The World

1. The Horn Creature – Brasil

This creature were allegedly found at the river of Bahia, Brasil, but there only one picture taken and no other further evidence of the existence, if we analyzed the picture, we can see that this creature walking on foot, have two hand with weird face and two horn on its head.



Maybe someone just playing in the mud.

2. Lamprey

Lampreys (sometimes also called lamprey eels) its actually a real sea creature, currently there are about 38 known species of lampreys, lampreys is one example of vampire of animal kingdom, because their sucks fish blood to survive.


12342820-standardAbove pic: one of giant lamprey caught by someone, its really  scary if it giant size.

3. African Troll

This story came in November of 2012 When the picture appeared in the online version of the Australian Newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” with the headline reading “Bizarre muppet-like beast discovered.” The site went on to report that in the southwest African country of Namibia the creature was spotted foraging for food by a hunting party.


Shocked by the discovery one of the hunters shot at and wounded the creature… who… in its attempt to get away… led them back to a nearby den where similar creatures were hiding. The wounded creature suddenly attacked the hunters who then shot and killed it, while all of the troll creatures escaped into the dense brush. According to the report, local authorities are in possession of the creatures remains with a full investigation underway.There has been no follow up to the story since.

4. Montauk Creature


The story goes that local youths just found it, photographed it, then sold it to papers , this happened near Plum Island Animal Disease Center, which brought up theories about the government doing weird experiments. Its dinosaur beak was pointed out along with the speculation that it could be a previously undiscovered prehistoric mammal.


Other possible identifications of the creature included a dog and a turtle without its shell (but turtles don’t have teeth).

5. Thailand Weird Creature

According to the story, the creature found by villager,  its strangely shaped body leaves a lot of mastery around it. but no one really what is actually, some unknown creature? You decide.

strange-creature-found-04 strange-creature-found-01 strange-creature-found-08


Until now, there is no story on what the creature it is, in remain mystery.


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