Unexplained Bright Light In Russia

The video was capture by dash-cam by local in Urals Russia, show a yellow bright light in the sky, according to the local, the bright light were visible only for a few second and dim after that, scientist still have no explanation on where the light come from, or what it is, some speculation suggest, its maybe a UFO flash beam (lol). watch the video

what do you think?

there is a lot of thing happen lately, most of it unexplained anomaly or phenomenon, remember those swirling blue light in 2009, its reportedly confirm by a Russian Ministry of Defense it was a fail test of a  Bulava missile, maybe this bright yellow light also a Russian military test(Russian really have some awesome weapon). any where for those have not seen the blue swirl light just watch videos below, its really beautiful and scary at the same time.

images (2)


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